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List of Multi State Cooperative Societies in Andhra Pradesh


List  of Multi  State Co-operative Societies in Andhra Pradesh

31st  May,  2012

AP-1.               A.B.E.  Cooperative Bank Ltd.,
Mithila Complex,

4-4-296/297 Bank Street
Hyderabad-500195 (Andhra Pradesh)

AP-2.               The Cooperative Press Ltd.,

Hyderabad-500001 (Andhra Pradesh)

AP-3                The Hyderabad Cooperative Central

Trading Society Ltd.,
5-8-655 Station Road,

Hyderabad-500001 (Andhra Pradesh)

AP-4                The Hyderabad Agriculture Cooperative

Association Ltd.  (HACA)
Opposite Public Gardens

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

AP-5.               The South Central Railway Employees
Cooperative Credit  Society Ltd.,

Secunderabad-500025 (Andhra Pradesh)

AP-6.               The State Bank of Hyderabad Officers’
Cooperative Credit  Society Ltd.,

SBH Building,  Gunfoundry
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)\

AP-7                South India Fishermen Cooperative Society Ltd.,

Harinivas,  9-15-17,  CBM Compound
Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
Chilly Growers Cooperative Society Ltd.,

# 8-3-898/7,  Flat  No. 1050,

Near  Sarada Degree Colelge,

Nagarjuna Nagar  Colony,

Hyderabad-500016 (Andhra Pradesh)
A.P.  Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd.

5-3-989, 3rd  Floor,  Sherza Street,

Nizam Shahi Road

Hyderabad – 500 095 (Andhra Pradesh)
Charminar  Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd.

5-9-3, Saifabad,  Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh
Grahak Bazar  Cooperative Society Ltd.,

202,  G Block,  Sai Complex,

2-2-1975/2, Bagh,  Amberpet,

Hyderabad-500013 (AP)

Jatropha Growers & Bio-Fuel Development  Cooperative Limited,

Plot No.78-A,  Journalist  Colony,

Jubilee Hills,   Hyderabad – 500 033 (A.P.).
Citizen Co-operative Society Ltd.,

7-133/1,  Huda Colony,  Saroornagar,

Hyderabad-500 035(A.P.)
The Regional Resource Development

Cooperative Society Ltd.

H.  No. 40-5/3-12, Lakshmi Sadan

Dr.  KM Rao  Street, Syamnagar

Vijayawada (AP)
State Bank of Hyderabad Employees’

Co-operative Credit  Society Ltd.,

State Bank of Hyderabad Head Office Buildings,

Gunfoundry ,  Hyderabad,

Andhra Pradesh -500177

The Maratha Gold  & Silver  Refiners Multi State Co-operative

Credit  Society Ltd.,

15-6-18/E,  Balaji Complex,

Siddhiambar  Bazar,
Afzal Ganj,  Hyderabad,


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