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(1) We do not take any inbound calls for Cooperative Society related query.
(2) We do not offer any in-person appointments / meetings for Cooperative Society related cases.

All Outbound Calls regardless of time duration and Email Advisory is completely FREE.


Note: As you know, gathering info, resources and hiring right services are a competitive process. So, you need to follow the basic ethics and not send spam emails or not make any unsolicited phone calls to concerned organization (either gov or pvt) with long, unrelated requests for information and support without knowing about it in correct manner else, chances of getting your work done will be drastically reduced. Also, this will discredit your Organization and can bring bad reputation to you as an individual. Please, email your exact requirement to:


for getting all sorts of information and resources related to compliance, regulatory and registration of Cooperative Society by email as well as on phone for FREE. You may also book an telephonic appointment for online consultation with Ozgian (experts at Ozg, find more @ www.ozgian.com).